Día 3


There’s more to Parque Explora than meets the eye

Día 3| 2 de Septiembre

view as seen from the metro platform
view as seen from the metro platform

Touring the city today started in the afternoon. The morning was filed with emails to the architects and professionals I wish to meet with, updating them with my contact information and beginning the process of scheduling interviews.
The main thing I wanted to do today was make it out further on the Medellín metro to the Jardín Botanico de Medellín and Parque Explora, two projects introduced to me back in Florence.

To my surprise once arriving to the site was the campus of education buildings which was created within the oasis of three neighboring parks and the Universidad de Antioquia.

rough sketch of area
rough sketch of area

1.  Parque de los Deseos, composed of Planetario de Medellín and Casa de Musíca
2.  Parque Explora
3.  Jardín Botanico de Medellín, composed of the botanical gardens and the Orquideorama
4.  Another park to the west of Parque Explora… which name I didn’t catch but seemed like a themed park or some sorts.

Most of my time was spent in Parque de los Deseos of which the buildings played well off of each other for creating space in-between each other and around the site.

Casa de Musíca, as characterized in the accompanying sketch as “arte”, had numerous eateries at the base of the building which caters to visitors and university students alike. From park guides, what I gathered about the building is that it serves as a kind of music conservatory and events building. There are galleries in the upper levels and a seating auditorium for outdoor events in the main plaza.
Space around the Planetario gave those who congregated near it a calm/tranquil place to read and relax inbetween traversing from Parque de los Deseos and the neighboring parques.

What was interesting to see was how the entire open plaza/park space was of a comfortable size and that there was a variety of public spaces created throughout, breaking up the over all size of open space around the buildings. The most foreboding place was in the middle, the main plaza space which laid unprogrammed. It’s main purpose is to serve as a gathering point for outdoor viewings projected from Casa de Musíca on to the southern face of the Planetario.

Tomorrow I hope to return to visit Parque Explora, the Jardín and Orquideorama.

Below are a few shots from the day…