Día 4



Día 4| 3 de Septiembre

Universidad Pontifica de BolivaranaToday I decided to change my plans from exploring more of Explora and the Jardin Botanico. Given my daily, morning email correspondence, I changed gears to venture out to the Universidad Pontificia de Bolivariana to formally meet and greet the director of the School of Architecture and Design, Samuel Ricardo Vélez Gonzalez.

Prior to this scholarship when Medellín was a growing interest, I learned while talking to a Colombian friend that UPB Medellín’s Architecture program is seen by many as the preeminent School of Architecture in the country, I knew reaching out to them for help during my stay was a must.

To my delight Samuel and the School of Architecture have extended open arms to my stay in Medellín and research of the city.

Overall, I will utilize UPB Medellín’s faculty and students to gauge the perspective of the city’s changes from the side of academia, while also utilizing their resources to gain a better overall knowledge of Medellín and the Antioquia Department.

Below, Research…