Día 6

Going back to Explora

Día 6 | 5 de septiembre

the westerly sky in-between two of exhibition halls
the westerly sky in-between two exhibition halls
I decided to revisit Parque Explora on a weekend just to see how good the park worked. During the week it is well attended, well utilized by grade schools taking students on day trips to the park. Throughout venturing the park’s numerous levels I began to reflect on and understand the uniqueness of the architecture and public spaces I’ve seen this entire week. Every single building and plaza I’ve been to is built with the region in mind; to elaborate, the buildings/plazas are consciously design for the climate of the Aburrá Valley. Most if not all buildings I’ve been in do not have air conditioning, they take full advantage of the spring like temperatures consistent with the region. I liken it to the climate of Southern California.

Parque Explora operates on 3 different levels with circulation centered around views towards the open exhibition space on the main level.

View from southern grand stair down to the open exhibition floors
View from southern grand stair down to the open exhibition floors

The reasoning behind the circulation being centered this way is because of two factors.

  1. 1. To keep people away from the harsh westerly afternoon sun.
  2. 2. To work in sequence with the adjoining parks to the east and south.

The four cubes also play an important role in the park. Not only serving as it’s beacon but also as a heat conductor. It’s an extremely cleaver use of how iconic architecture can be used to draw one into the more substantive environment of the park.  At first glance the four cubes don’t seem to do anything but act as iconic symbolism for the park, but upon further investigation one can see how these big bulky cubes actually contain the energy emitted by the afternoon sun. Given that the park closes at 6:30pm (weekends) and doesn’t open until 10am the next morning, the heat entrapped by the cubes has ample enough time to dissipate during the night.

After Exploring Explora, I venture back south to Parque de los Deseos to witness the mid plaza area being used for it’s intended purpose as outdoor lounge space for evening movie screenings. The contrast between night and day also allowed me to notice that the angle of decline within the gallery of shops in the Casa de la Musíca allowed those relaxing for a bite to eat to also enjoy the screening uninterrupted.

Below are a few shots from the day…