Día 11.1

una entrevista con Felipe Mesa

Día 11 | 10 de septiembre

plan:b arquitectos

Today I went to the offices of plan:b arquitectos to interview Felipe Mesa. Born and raised in Medellin, Felipe comes from a family of Architects (Father, Brothers). His Studio Plan: B, began roughly 10 years ago after Felipe graduated from UPB-Medellín. Having recently relocated from Bogotá to Medellin, Plan: B is one of the firms responsible for the creation of the Orqueodrama at the Járdin Botanico de Medellín, the periphery Colegio of Hontanares, and Coliseo’s project for the 2010 South American Games.

In a trend I’m starting to notice out of two interviews thus far, Plan: B looks for and does a lot of collaborative works with other Architects and Studios. Felipe believes a lot in the transformative qualities that Architecture has in unlocking changes in a society and its politics; It’s a main motivating force behind the work of his studio.

Plan: B has two books of their work publish via Mesa Editores a publication house started by Felipe’s twin brother Miguel.

My interview lasted a good portion of two hours covering a broad range of subjects from the progress of the city to politics of narcotrafficking.
Here is an excerpt from the interview where Felipe talks about reasons to stay in Colombia and explains a bit about how the perceptions and scales of thinking need to change in order for the world to progress past our current problems.

Below, Plan: B arquitectos