Día 11.2

una entrevista con Camilo Restrepo

Día 11 | 10 de septiembre

Camilo Restrepo Arquitectos
J. Paul (Left), Camilo (Right)

As an unexpected surprise, after visiting Plan: B arquitectos, I visited the offices of Camilo Restrepo Arquitectos to interview Camilo Restrepo.

Camilo has been responsible for some of the most stunning new condo towers within the multitude that blanket the El Poblado skyline. Camilo is also one of the Architects responsible for Jardín Botánical de Medellín’s Orquideorama. Following in the footsteps of his father J. Paul Restrepo, Camilo went into Architecture in what he calls a “blind decision”. And like the Architect’s I’ve interviewed prior, Camilo studied at UPB-Medellín before later spending a few years in Europe working in Holland and studying at Universidad Politècnica de Catalunya.

Of recent, Camilo has been the Architect in charge of coordinating the Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura that will be held in Medellín in October of 2010.

My interview lasted a good portion of the late afternoon covering a broad range of subjects from the moment in which he felt the change in the perceptions of what could be done in Medellín happened to necessity for the maturation of social aspects of politics within the city. Here is an excerpt of my interview where Camilo explains how the city should invest in new ways of transportation up and down the sloping hillsides of the city and how development should be focused in the core of the city as oppose to expanding the existing urban fabric outward.

Below, Camilo’s sketch and the office of Camilo Restrepo Arquitectos.

—the rest of this post to be updated soon—