Día 12

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Día 12 | 11 de septiembre

Coliseo de Baloncesto
Coliseo de Baloncesto

Today I tagged along with some of the design team at OPUS to Check out the Coliseo project on the Stadium grounds in Medellin. The Coliseo is a collection of four arenas being built for the 9th South American Sports Games, to be held in Medellin from the 9th – 30th of March 2010.

The arenas
1.  Coliseo de Baloncesto (Basketball)
2.  Coliseo de Gimnasia (Gymnastics)
3.  Coliseo de Voleibol (Volleyball)
4.  Coliseo de Combate (Combat Arts)

The Coliseo is the brain child of Giancarlo Mazzanti, an architect considered to be one of the most preeminent today in Colombia and Felipe Mesa, one of the Medellín architect’s I interviewed yesterday. Although there are four different arenas to the project, the Coliseo is seen as one because of the roof.

The roof, inspired by the topography of the nearby Nutibara Hill, will weave from one arena to another to unify the structures and to provide a covered space for the fans of the games to circulate. The roof’s reflection to nature is also a harking to a greater push in Colombia for cities to express their connections to nature, a connection that most Colombians don’t consider cities having.

Below are a few shots from the day…