Día 13


viaje a la barrio de Santo Domingo Savio, 1

Día 13 | 12 de septiembre

Metro Cable
Metro Cable

Today I ventured up to the hillside barrio of Santo Domingo Savio to ride the Metro Cable and to See the famed Biblioteca España, designed by Giancarlo Manzzanti.

Prior to the instillation of the Metro Cable (2004) and Biblioteca España (2007), Santo Domingo was one of the most violent and disconnected barrio’s within the city. Travel up to the barrio from the valley floor took an average of half an hour via vehicle and over a hour on foot. Neighborhood students had only the library available at school for reading and as for the residents, their only option for a lending library lay in traveling either towards the city center to Biblioteca Pública Piloto or one of Piloto’s subsidiary libraries. In all, this wasn’t an area of the city to find the best of city services.

But through the interventions that have been made along the Metro Cable the barrio of Santo Domingo as well as the greater comunas (communities) of Popular and Santa Cruz have been transformed into a better environment for all.

below, a few pictures from the day…