Día 14


A Sunday downtown

Día 14 | 13 de septiembre

Catedral Metropolitana

Sunday, usually my day to stay in and clean house (literally and figuratively) for the week that’s past and the week ahead, but I couldn’t resist going downtown to check out the Catedral Metropolitana and filling in some pages in my sketchbook. Unfortunately by the time I arrived to the Catedral all the services for the day were done.

Besides the Cathedral, I wandered another fantastic downtown pedestrian way, paseo Junín, and finished up some sketches done day’s prior.

Something of growing interest is the uptight nature of security guards in Medellín. Although I haven’t commented on it before, a curious Architect snapping pictures, idly staring at buildings, and being places… the public doesn’t typically wander, draws attention quickly. In general, security (both public and private) are always quick to question me and  my intentions for sketching and photography.

This itself brings on a greater conversation over how Medellín is coping with the reality that it is now a tourist destination and that most of its buildings are attractions to architects and tourist alike.

The main issues I’ve had with security guards have always been around public infrastructure (e.g. the metro, Rio Medellín), shopping centers/malls and any private building downtown. Today outside the Coltejer tower I was questioned by some guards who were puzzled over my sketching of the building’s main entrance. As always the case, after explaining that I’m an architect, the guards relented and allowed me to continue on sketching.

Below are a few shots from the day.