Día 15


un entrevista con Carlos Pardo

Día 15 | 14 de septiembre

Carlos Pardo

Today I went to the offices of obra negra arquitectos to interview Carlos Pardo.

Born near the coastal section of Colombia and not having relatives in the profession, Carlos stands out as the first Architect I’ve interviewed who found his way to architecture solely on his own; Carlos is also a alumnus of UPB-Medellín where many of the Architects I’ve interviewed so far have studied at.
Carlos’ firm, Obranegra has been in Medellin for 6 years and is part of the team responsible for the new Colegio of Santa Domingo. Obranegra is also responsible for a lot of residential projects from private homes to the luxury high-rise condos within the El Poblado barrio of Medellín.

My interview lasted a good portion of the an hour covering a broad range of subjects from Carlos love of travel, classical music and blues to the next public works endeavors he would like the city to complete next. Here is an excerpt of my interview where Carlos explains a little about what he would like to see next.

In short, Carlos would like to see an continued investment in public works and an increased attention in the transportation and mobility of Medellín, especially where it comes to pedestrian arteries.

below, the office of Obranegra arquitectos