Día 20


viaje a la barrio de Moravia

Día 20 | 19 de septiembre


Inspired by the projects I′ve seen this week at UPB-Medellín, aimed at trying to solve some of the city′s current struggles; I decided to trek towards the barrio of Moravia to get a better understanding of the neighborhood. Moravia is a barrio lying just north of the north center district (Parque Explora, Jardín Botánico, Parque de los Deseos). Originally it was a garbage dump but over time squatters settled and made it home. It is currently an active neighborhood resting mostly on an untreated garbage heap. From what I′ve been able to gather over the course of the week and from observations today, there does exist some infrastructure implemented by the city and some jerry-rigged by Moravia′s inhabitants.

The city has made some gestures towards improving the quality of life in the ad hoc neighborhood from extending the streetscaping and pedestrian path network of Carabobo (Carrera 52), creating public housing in hopes of relocating some inhabitants off the garbage mound, and adding in a community center designed by Rogelio Salmona. Over all, lies a difficult problem for the city to solve, how to mitigate the effects of people living on top of rubbish while also stabilizing and promoting opportunity for an impoverish community.

Below are a few shots from the day…