Día 21


una entrevista con Jorge Pérez

Día 21 | 20 de septiembre

Jorge Perez

Today I met with Jorge Pérez Jarmillo, Architect and former Dean of the School of Architecture at UPB-Medellín. At only 45, Jorge has had an intriguing and inspiring story to his life; first by helping to foster in what many have said is a learning laboratory approach to solving architecturally the city’s dilemmas, serving as Dean of a school of Architecture. And secondly, serving as Chief Deputy for the Regional Metropolitan Planning Department… all while fitting in time to work on his own, self titled, practice. Jorge attributes the sensibility of visiting Architectural landmarks his parents allotted the family in his upbringing as a pivotal reason he chose architecture. Jorge’s sister was also influenced by their upbringing and became an Architect as well.

Throughout the course of my hour long interview I focused on questioning Jorge about the time period in which he took over as Dean of UPB-Medellín’s Architecture program, a period of time in which he was a freshly minted Bachelor of Architecture graduate at age 28.

Here in his own words, Jorge explains how he became Dean of Architecture at UPB-Medellín and the vision he laid forth, (apologies for the background noise, we met at a busy cafe)