Día 24


San Javier

Día 24 | 23 de septiembre

San Javier

This afternoon I returned to the barrio San Javier to visit Biblioteca Sacerdote José Luis Arroyave Restrepo and Institución Educativa la Independencia. San Javier is a unique barrio and comuna within the rolling hills of the western most edge of the city. Estacion San Javier sits at the end of the línea B on the Medellin Metro and Biblioteca Sacerdote José Luis Arroyave Restrepo sits only a short walk away thanks to a nifty pedestrian bridge that fills the chasm between where the two structures rest.

Puente a la Biblioteca

Biblioteca José Luis was opened for the first time on New Years eve 2006. Adding what is the second largest Biblioteca by size (16.9 mill) into an area of the city far removed from an accessible library. The building itself lays on the slope of the hillside within its design, shifting heights per linear vagones (train wagons) . This shifting also helps the library establish an order of division of services from community workshop/study rooms, to children and adult collections.

After spending a good portion of the afternoon in the Biblioteca, I took a short taxi ride through the rolling hills of the comuna to Institución Educativa la Independencia. Designed by Felipe Uribe de Bedout and built in only eight months (2007), Institución Educativa La Independencia gets it’s name form the barrio it’s situated within, La Independencia; the school itself services children from the surronding barrios of El Salado, Eduardo Santos, Antonio Nariño, Nuevos Conquistadores and 20 de Julio. At close to 22 million square feet, the Colegio is the biggest educational facility built in the recent years.

Axon + programmatic diagram

As with almost all of my daily excursions I had time to take in interviewing some of the barrio’s residents just outside of la Independencia within the open public space. This evening I had a chance to interview Laula, Dores and Berta.

Dores (Left); Laula (Center); Berta (Right)

It was interesting to hear the differing of opinions regarding the city and the barrio from this trio outside of the Colegio. For the substantive changes I’ve been privy to observe throughout my stay aren’t being felt for as much impact in the lives of these residents.

Below, a few pictures from the day…

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Institución Educativa la Independencia