Día 27


Biblioteca León de Greiff

Día 27 | 26 de septiembre

Biblioteca León de Greiff

This Afternoon I visited Biblioteca León de Greiff, another project of Giancarlo Manzzanti. Situated within the East side barrio of La Landera and built on the site of the former La Landera Men’s Jail, the Biblioteca is named after one of the Medellín literary greats in the Modernist Movement of the early 20th century, León de Greiff (poet).

Less pronounced than and following a similar design layout as Biblioteca España, León de Greiff is broken up into three bloques, on for children, one for adults and  an Auditorium. Within each bloque are secondary spaces for computers and workshop rooms. and on top of all three are outdoor theaters which stitch back into the neighboring community park and play courts further up the hillside.

A lot of space has been reserved around the library for recreational purposes which aids Mazzanti’s design reflecting back towards downtown and the barrios that rest lower than the Biblioteca with little to no obstructions. It also help set the library apart from the different grids of the barrios surrounding the side while also allowing for temporary events to take place within the green space. For instance on my way up to the site there was a circus tent setup.

looking west towards Downtown

Below, a few pictures from the day…