Día 32


viaje a la barrio de Santo Domingo Savio, 2

Día 32 | 1 de Octubre

Metrocable (linea K)
Biblioteca España

Today I returned to the barrio of Santo Domingo Savio to visit the new Colegio designed by Carlos Pardo (within Institución Educativa Antonio Derka). Since my first visit to the barrio I’ve come to understand that the Santo Domingo Savio barrio is the second most successfully revitalized area within the city while also being equally known to the outside world because of the picturesque setting of the matchless architecture of Biblioteca España. Since the creation of the Metrocable, línea K (2004), Biblioteca España (2007), footbridges traversing the divisive hillside streams (ongoing), and the new Colegio (2008), the citizens who live within Santo Domingo Savio and the neighboring barrios along the city’s eastern hillside comunas have enjoyed the fringe benefits that come along with these projects; tourist, both local and international.

Santo Domingo Savio revitalization
Within the Popular Comuna, the barrio of Santo Domingo Savio has been the best barrio to visit to really get a sense of the transformative changes that can happen to a community when numerous developments are stitched into the delicate urban fabric of a neighborhood to enrich the quality of life. Numerous businesses catering to the new flow of traffic into the neighborhood have sprung up leading way to the creation of  jobs (retail, food service, entertainment, recreation, etc.).

Santa Domingo
Shops along Carrera 28

The Colegio Campus: Institución Educativa Antonio Derka
The new colegio for high school students is one of three colegio’s that create an educational campus higher up the hillside in Santo Domingo de Savio. Like Colegio La Independencia, students attend classes in one of three daily shifts (morning, afternoon or evening).

Colegios Santa Domingo
Image courtesy of ObraNegra Arquitectos

Unique aspects of the new colegio is how it hugs the sloping terrain of the hillside while adding a flat plain of public space for the barrio. In doing this a plateau is created for the public to glimpse a panorama of the valley while also assuring a clear divide between the activities of the school and amenities for the public.

below, a few pictures from the day…