Ernest Bellamy

Ernest Bellamy

2009 AIA Chicago, Martin Roche Scholar

Born and raised in the northern suburbs of Miami, Ernest Bellamy has been on a curious path to urbanism, mainly bread out of understanding and investigating the development of Miami. From the built form to the politics and culture of it’s current set of inhabitants, the understanding of the rapid growth and change of Miami (a city with little more than a history of 113 years) has motivated him towards a Bachelor of Architecture degree and towards the direction of perusing interests in urban design, landscape architecture and urban studies.

I am who I am today because of the unparralled education and opportunities I’ve received from the following institutions; Iwouldn’t be who I am or where I am without the education I received over the course of the past decade. For anyone looking into looking into how I’ve done what I’ve done in Medellín at this point of my life, it’s because of the combined efforts of these great programs.
Design and Architecture Sr. High
Miami-Dade College
Syracuse University
Illinois Institute of Technology

And lastly, I’ve learned of Medellín the same way I’ve learned about a lot of new ideas within the design profession, via periodicals and lectures. By primarily yearning to hear a varying  discourse of ideas and secondly through a constant reading on ideas and projects of my own interest have I discovered and developed an interest in Medellín. I implore all who come to this blog seeking a way to replicate an opportunity for scholarly travel to cultivate your curiosities about a subject, style, movement, event; Dive as deep as possible into researching it in your leisure, and take every opportunity to listen to and attend lectures about the subject to know more, for it is my opinion that a lecture is by far the best way to hear, understand, know and question the thoughts and decision-making of Architects and Scholars within the design field.

Ernest Bellamy, Assoc. AIA
Illinois Institute of Technology | 2009
Bachelor of Architecture
minor in urban studies

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